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PowerLine was founded in 2010 as a WireLine manufacturing company in Cairo, Egypt. Due to our focus on quality and after sales services, we were able to expand to the international market by the end of 2010

The Company Line is to provide each customer with individualized solutions in order to meet their specific needs; by end of 2010 we started exporting E-line Units to the international market.

Meeting TomorrowRequirements

In 2012 PowerLine signed an exclusive partnership agreement for the MENA region with IceField Tools Corporation, the leading Canadian Gyroscopic tools manufacturer.As a result of this agreement PowerLine is in position to provide a full range of gyroscopic and directional drilling survey survives.


Our most important asset is our people

As we believe in our technology, firstly we believe in the brains that stand behind the technology. Alike to our technology, we invest in the continuous development of our personnel through an ongoing training. Having been a manufacturer of tools and equipment, enhances us a privilege to provide a high level of training based on the vast knowledge we possess. We realize that our selection of right people varies, therefore our team is chosen very carefully based on high skills and dependability

vision & mission/

What we aim to do?

Powerline and IceField strive to deliver the highest quality, technology, and service solutions to our customers. Our devotion to ongoing innovation and development of our products and services, guarantees we meet our customer’s needs today and tomorrow. With the support of a professional team that includes dedicated personnel with extensive industry experience, Powerline technical services possesses the expertise, capacity, and commitment to support its customers wide range of operational requirements.


One of the primary concerns of Powerline is the personal safety and health of each employee, contractor, and customer.

Powerline is aware that accidents are preventable with strong HSE measures. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illness comes on top of the operating productivity. Furthermore, HSE desires to sustain work with a profound vision to adhere to natural and environmental parameters.

We share in the efforts of meeting customer challenges anywhere in the world.The search for oil and gas continues to push drilling further offshore and into Deep-water and ultra deep water. Operators are forced to confront a variety of challenges

We offer our client with the best tools check our tools