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The Gamma-CCL-Temperature instrument offers a combined, compact
sensor designed for use both as part of a core production logging tool and
for correlations in perforating, plug setting and other operations. The
combined device provides for simpler rig-up and greater reliability through
a reduced number of mechanical and electronic connections. The GCT
has a high-resolution temperature sensor and is equipped with a new
higher-sensitivity CCL system. Ease of tool maintenance is afforded by fully
connectorized circuit boards and sensor modules.

Features & benefits:

Product features
- High resolution sensors used thoughout the tool.
- Combined sensors give a shorter, lighter, more cost effective toolstring.
- Increased tool reliability by using fewer components and tool connections.
- Plug and play connector system ensures simpler maintenance procedures.
Product applications
- Accurate depth correlation
- Shorter tool string more suited to rig up situations where
tool length is a concern
- Fluid in flows/leaks (Temperature)
- Perforation flow detection (Temperature)

Part Number140 - 99013
Length36.7 "/ 932 mm
Diameter1 11/16 "/ 43 mm
Temperature177C / 350F
Weight in Air17.4 lbs / 7.9 Kg
Fishing Strength15,400 lbs / 7,000 Kg
Connections (Upper)GO A
Connections (Lower)GO A
Gamma Range0-10.000CPC
Gamma Sensitivity1 Count - 2Api
Temperature Range0-177C / 350F
Temperature Resolution0.005C / 0.01F
Temperature Accuracy<0.12C / 0.25F
Temperature Time Constant< 1.5 Sec
Telemetry InterfaceMPB
Telemetry/MemoryHSTC - MLT
CompatabilityUp to 16 MPB Equipped Tools
Voltage12vdc Supplied by HSTC/MLT
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