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Best solution in harsh environment

This system is very stable against high noise and vibration.
-Welnav SRO Gyro system is the best choice for Conductor and Shallow depths surveys, where so much Noise and vibration affect on North seeking gyros in this section.
- Used to run orientation on surface as in Deflecting conductor sleeve (DCS) case.
- IT has been developed to accurately survey vertical,high angle and side tracking survey jobs.
Our MSRG (multishot recording gyroscope) photographic instrument is portable enough to provide drill hole surveys anywhere in the world.

Features & benefits:

WELNAV SRG (Surface Recording Gyroscope) van provides gyro-survey's which are the fastest, most accurate means of locating the exact location of your drill hole from collar to TD.
- Faster, less rig time is required per survey.
- More Accurate: you receive a computer digital reading which is translated to a printed computerized report.
- Cost Effective: savings are realized by eliminating costly mining mistakes.
WELNAV offers a complete range of services, including:
- Magnetic single shot rental.
- Magnetic multishot service.
- Gyro single shot service.
- Gyro multishot service.
- Surface Recording Gyro orienting service.
- Surface Recording Gyro multishot service.

Features and Specification.
Outside diameter1.75 inch.
Probe current 500 to 750 ma.
Gyro probe voltage 35 vdc.
Probe temperature range 55- F to 257 F (125 c).
Azimuth & Tool face accuracy 0.25%
Inclinometer assemblyx,y,z axis.
Weight 38 IB.
Inclinometer accuracy 2min at 6 % scale / 1min at 180 % scale
Accuracy.15° Over Temperature Range
High Side Alignment-.20° Typical
Offset Center Less Than .06° (approx. .02° after software correction)
Temperature Range-55° C to +125° C
Temperature VariationCompensated Over Temperature Range (typically less than .03°)
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