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Electronic Multi-Shot Survey

Best economic solution to replace the old totco system, and the best for geotech holes.

Continuous Multi-Shot Survey

Provides high automated accuracy and high data resulations with minimum survey time.

Motor/Whipstock Orientation

The GT directional north seeker provides the most reliable wellbore placement.

Memory Gyro Multi-Shot Survey

It utilizes long life lithium battery allowing the well to be surveyed completely in memory, and then calculated once the tool is back on surface.

Drop Gyro Multi-Shot Survey

Rate Gyro is the most advanced drop gyro in the market it’s the best choice for impressive drilling accuracy in the most diverse conditions.No pumping, No Parachuting, Maximum speed (1200 ft/min), Takes shot every 10 sec.

E-Line Services

Heavy duty e-line units for offshore and onshore operations with design compatible to tough jobs.

Slick Line Services

While a slickline is a thin cable introduced into a well to deliver and retrieve tools downhole, a wireline is an electrical cable used to lower tools into and transmit data about the conditions of the wellbore.

Equipment Rental

Rental and maintenance services of all types of pumps, valves, and chock manifolds.


Sales, rental, and custom fabrication of wireline & oil services equipment. Power Line started exporting its products at 2010 to the international market.

Quality Control and Laboratories

We supply and design complete solutions for quality control and laboratories. We represent various German manufacturers and suppliers to quality control & testing equipment.

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